Shopping Guide for Household BiPAP and CPAP

Shopping Guide for Household BiPAP and CPAP

1. Is it necessary to buy an expensive household BiPAP and CPAP Machine? 

The answer is yes!

2. What are the types of household ventilator machines?

At present, household ventilators are divided into two types: CPAP Machine and BiPAP Machine. CPAP Machine can continuously provide a constant pressure, regardless of whether the user is inhaling or exhaling. This kind of machine is suitable for most snorers and OSA patients.

BiPAP machines can provide different airway pressures: 

When inhaling, the ventilator provides higher pressure, while when exhaling, the ventilator provides lower pressure. 

BiPAP Machine is also divided into a bilevel sleep ventilator and a bilevel non-invasive ventilator. 

BiPAP Machine is suitable for patients with respiratory insufficiencies, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis, which is often called "lung pathogenesis". 

Bilevel Sleep non-invasive ventilator is suitable for patients with moderate and severe obstructive, central and mixed sleep apnea syndrome, which is the so-called "snoring machine".

If you are a snorer, choosing a CPAP is enough at home. If you have a lung disease (such as COPD, emphysema, etc.), severe sleep apnea syndrome, central sleep apnea, or if you have comfort requirements, you need to choose a BiPAP.

3. The basic knowledge that you need to know about the purchase of ventilators.

(1) Should I buy branded and much more expensive products? 

Although the price can reflect a certain brand strength and product quality, it can not be used as the only standard to judge whether the machine is good or bad. High price does not necessarily represent high quality. 

Some professional ventilator manufacturers who have been committed to medical and household breathing for a long time have developed ventilators that are not inferior to big brands, with more friendly prices and a higher performance-to-price ratio. So choose a professional seller is very important.

(2) Hardware & software. 

In terms of hardware, the most important things are turbine fans and sensors. The quality of the turbine fan is directly related to the noise of the machine, whether it is domestic or imported brands, the noise of the machine is generally between 26-30 decibels, will not affect your normal rest.

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