BiPAP Basics

BiPAP Basics

If you suffer from severe sleep apnea or COPD that affects your breathing, your doctor may suggest a BiPAP to you. Sometimes called BPAP, this is a medical device that could help you breathe.

What Is a BiPAP Machine


BiPAP, also known as "Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure" , is the most commonly used non-invasive nasal (face) mask mechanical ventilation. It is widely used in acute and chronic respiratory failure caused by various intrapulmonary and extrapulmonary diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, heart failure, neuromuscular disease, obesity, hypoventilation, etc., and Various types of sleep breathing disorders, especially patients with central sleep apnea or complex sleep breathing disorders.


Increase alveolar ventilation, reduce the patient’s work of breathing, maintain open upper airway and effective functional residual capacity.


How does it work?


The single-level CPAP can continuously output one positive airway pressure, the bi-level CPAP provides the patient with two different positive airway pressures. When the patient inhales, it provides a higher pressure to facilitate inhalation, and when the patient exhales When the patient is inhaling, the machine provides a higher inspiratory pressure to keep the airway open, and the higher the inspiratory pressure and the lower expiratory pressure can be set separately. Low expiratory pressure to ensure that patients breathe smoothly, and the machine and breathing are synchronized.


Set and adjust the inspiratory positive airway pressure (IPAP) and expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) respectively. The pressure difference between IPAP and EPAP (pressure support, PS, PS=IPAP—EPAP) is the basis for ensuring sufficient tidal volume. By increasing the pressure difference, inspiratory power support and alveolar ventilation are enhanced, thereby reducing CO2 levels. , While reducing the load on the respiratory muscles. EPAP can maintain open upper airway, eliminate obstructive sleep apnea, increase functional residual capacity, and prevent alveolar collapse.


What’s BiPAP application?


Applicable Diseases


Generally speaking, patients with ventilatory dysfunction can be treated by bi-level CPAP. Common diseases currently include COPD, pulmonary heart disease, motor neuron disease, respiratory failure, and severe thoracic deformities. The bi-level output is a higher inspiratory pressure and a lower expiratory pressure to help the patient breathe. Allow the patient to provide a higher inspiratory pressure during inhalation to keep the airway open, and provide a lower expiratory pressure during exhalation, so that the patient can exhale smoothly while ensuring that the airway is open. It is suitable for patients with severe cardiopulmonary function who need assisted breathing, and for the treatment of patients with respiratory weakness.


Pneumothorax, pneumomediastinum, intracranial gas, increased intraocular pressure, ruptured tympanic membrane, etc. should be contraindications.


How do I prepare for BiPAP use?

What’s include in a BiPAP?

You should understand all the components of your BiPAP machine. They include: Mask, breathing tube, air filter, adapter, power cord, user manual etc.

Buy a BiPAP

If you are buying a home BiPAP device, you may need to talk to a professional who sells home medical equipment.Or choose an online medical device store or an online store specializing in non-invasive ventilators, because the price may be more ideal. But when buying, please pay attention to the product warranty period, because once there is a problem with the machine accessories, it is also very important to be able to replace it in time or buy related accessories, otherwise you will be troubled for a long time.

Join BIPAP forums

You'd better join some forums about BiPAP, so that your subsequent operation problems can be solved in time. Of course, it would be great if your online store can solve your problems in time. But the communication of the community will make you no longer alone. Please believe that you are never alone in fighting sleep apnea. Community communication can help you find a better way to use BIPAP and get emotional comfort.


Other tips about using a BiPAP

In addition, you should also understand how to use your BIPAP, and read the instruction manual carefully to avoid improper operation that may cause it to fail to use normally.Your BiPAP device may have other functions, such as heating humidifier, whether there is Auto preheat function, timely replacement of consumables such as air filter, and ensuring clean use.


Will I Always Have to Use It?

It is important to follow your doctor's instructions on how and when to use BiPAP. If you have any discomfort during use, you can communicate with your sleep doctor in time, whether you need to modify the parameter settings or change the machine, so that you can get a better sleep experience.


Of course, fully mastering the operation and use of your bi-level machine will enable you to improve your comfort to a certain extent. If your health problems and breathing improve, you can reduce the pressure on the machine or reduce the frequency of use. Your doctor will work with you to determine your BiPAP use.


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