CPAP Machine Troubleshooting Guide

CPAP Machine Troubleshooting Guide

In the process of using the CPAP machine, you will inevitably encounter various problems due to improper operation. What are the reasons why the CPAP machine cannot be used normally? How can we solve it?

The following has sorted out some reasons and solutions for CPAP machine not working properly.

1. CPAP machine does not work when powered on

The CPAP machine does not work after being powered on. The possible causes and solutions are as follows:

Reason 1: The power plug is not inserted properly.
Solution: Check whether the power plug from the power plug to the power adapter, and then along the power adapter to the CPAP machine is plugged in properly and the contact is good.

Reason 2: No voltage
Solution: Check whether the power grid is cut off. For example, check by turning on a light switch. If you suspect that the fuse inside the CPAP machine is broken, please contact BMC after-sales personnel for repair and consultation.


2. The pressure generated by the CPAP machine is too low

After the CPAP machine is powered on, the treatment pressure has been set, but in actual use, the treatment pressure is very low. If this happens, please check from the following points:

Reason 1: The air filter or the vent on the air filter cover is blocked.
Solution: Clean or replace the air filter.

Reason 2: The ramp function is turned on, and the therapeutic pressure can only be reached after a specific time.
Solution: If necessary, turn off the ramp function, or set a shorter ramp time.

Reason 3: The housing of the humidifier is broken, causing air leakage
Solution: CPAP machine shell is generally plastic, if the shell is damaged, it needs to be repaired in time. If the humidifier casing is broken, it will cause air leakage. This situation must be repaired. If you want to avoid this situation, the most important thing is to prevent it from falling.


3. No information appears on the display when the device is turned on

When the CPAP machine is powered on and the device is turned on, there is only intermittent information on the display, or no information at all. The reason for this may be because the device operating system needs to be reset, and it needs to be restarted, which requires the user to power off the device, then wait 20 seconds before powering it back on.


4. The output pressure of CPAP machine is inaccurate

It may be that the flow sensor is damaged. The flow sensor is a very important part of the CPAP machine. If there is a problem with it, the output pressure of the CPAP machine will be inaccurate, which will seriously affect the safety of the patient. When the output pressure of the CPAP machine is inaccurate, it is necessary to overhaul the CPAP machine and eliminate the cause of the failure.


5. The noise of the CPAP machine becomes louder

Reason 1: The filter is not cleaned and replaced in time
Solution: By regularly changing the filter to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the ventilator motor, you can make the CPAP machine run more smoothly, which will help reduce the noise of the CPAP machine.

Reason 2: Replaced inappropriate mask
The CPAP machine motor is not the only source of noise, most of the noise you hear is likely caused by airflow through the tubing into the mask. So, the CPAP machine may be quiet, but your mask may not fit.

Reason 3: Changes in sleep environment
The bedroom with good sound insulation, the environment is very quiet, and the sound of the CPAP machine will be very loud. The structure and material of the bedside table are different, which will also resonate with the motor of the CPAP machine, increasing the noise of the CPAP machine.
Solution: Put the CPAP machine on a foam pad or towel to reduce the intensity of the vibration, or place the CPAP machine as far away from our head as possible, and the sound may be significantly reduced.

Reason 4: Changes in stress levels
Pressure level: The pressure level of the CPAP machine is different, and the noise level is also different. Some users have CPAP machine noise due to their pressure settings or breathing patterns. this is normal phenomenon.



The use of CPAP machine must pay attention to daily maintenance, avoid bumping into water, and clean it regularly and correctly. The inside of the CPAP machine is an integrated circuit board, which has various components such as processor and screen. When the machine is seriously aged, water and dust accumulation may cause the main board to fail. If the main board fails, a fault code will generally appear. When you find that the CPAP machine is abnormal, you should check the display screen as soon as possible. Symptomatic treatment in a timely manner.

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