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BMC G3 B20A Bi-level CPAP Machine with Humidifier and Full Face Mask

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G3 B20A is an auto-adjusting bi-level device with advanced technologies to treat sleep apnea patients who require enhanced pressure support.


bipap cpap machine for sleep apnea treatment



G3 B20A has a pre-heat feature, to warm your humidifier water up for ultimate comfort during cold, dry weather.


Auto Ramp

New auto ramp feature senses when the user falls asleep and will adjust ramp time appropriately.


Integrated heated tubing with intelligent Auto Humidity control

Integrated heated tubing with intelligent Auto humidity control allows G3 to maintain maximum moisture while avoiding condensate water.


Smart B - Intelligent Pressure Adjusting Technology

G3 B20A can automatically adjust treatment plan based on changes in patient needs. Care is closer to you with reduced costly visits.

bipap cpap machine for sleep apnea treatment

Smart B (Auto S) - Provides optimal starting pressure (Smart EPAP) to reduce the residual events at the beginning of therapy due to insufficient pressure level. - Optimizes Minimum and Maximum Pressure in the treatment plan based on EPAP95 and EPAP50 over a moving 5-day window.

CSA detection

G3 uses oscillating wave technology to determine which type of apneas are best treated with changes in airflow and pressure.


What’s included with the BMC G3 B20A Machine Package?

  • BMC G3 B20A Machine device
  • Power Cord/ Adaptor
  • Tubing
  • Travel carry bag
  • Quick Operation Guide
  • 8GB SD card
  • Air Filter
  • User Manual
  • Full face mask


User Manual
Quick Operation Manual


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