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BMC Standard Air Tube for RESmart GII&G2S and G3 Series CPAP and BPAP machine

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BMC Breathing Tube for CPAP Machine

Tubing plays an important role in effective and comfortable CPAP therapy. 

Product Advantage:


Lightness is able to decrease the dragging to the mask during therapy. Less weight means more freedom. Meanwhile, thanks to the slim design, it is much easier to be stored in the CPAP carry bag.


High-quality material enables the tubing to slow down the aging process and improve the anti-corrosion performance

Kink Resistant

Scientific spiral interval design makes the tubing more flexible and kink resistant.


It is designed with 22mm cuffs so that it is compatible with most CPAP devices.



Cuffs: TPE      Tube body: POE         Spiral: PP




Internal diameter

Compliance standards

Resistance to flow at rated flow




60 hPa: <5ml/hPa

30 I/min: <0.06hPa/l/min


Operating condition

sAmbient Temperature: 5℃~35℃ (41°F~95°F)

Relative humidity: 0%~93%

Storage and transport conditions

Storage temperature: -25℃~55℃(-13°F~131°F)

Relative humidity: 0%~93%

The tube should be transported and stored in the original packaging and protected from dust and exposure to direct sunlight.


Service life

Under normal maintenance and usage, the expected service life of the tube is 6 months.


Global Business

->Our products help people in more than 100 countries and regions around the world improve their quality of life.

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Fast Delivery Good after-sales service

->Warehouses in many places around the world can ship.

->Strong after-sales service team, please refer to here for details:After-sales Service,Tel: +86 15822694423 Email: onlineshopbmc.hp@gmail.com.

->Provide product operation video, user manual, you will quickly master how to use the device.