BMC Mini cpap machine for sleep apnea treatment

Recognized by many countries

BMC’s products obtained the registration certification of China NMPA (CFDA), CE of Europe and FDA of US, and have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world,including Europe, America, Asia Pacific and so on.

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cpap machine/sleep apnea treatment

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정가 $19.99 USD
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정가 $19.99 USD
판매 가격 $19.99 USD 정가

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정가 $19.99 USD
판매 가격 $19.99 USD 정가

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정가 $19.99 USD
판매 가격 $19.99 USD 정가


BMC Medical provide global families with integrated service to sleep-disordered.The products mainly inlude SDB diagnostic devices,non-invasive ventilators,HFNO(high-flow nasal cannula oxygenation)devices and respiratory consumables (include various types of masks and breathing tubes etc.),and have successively obtained the registration and certification of NMPA(CFDA in china),CE(EU),FDA(US) and other countries

Leading/participating in the development of more than 20 standards

ISO 80601-2-90: 2021,Medical Electrical Equipment — Part 2-90: Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of ventilatory high-flow therapy equipment, ISO 80601-2-90:2021

ISO 80601-2-80: 2018 Medical Electrical Equipment – Part 2-80: Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of home healthcare environment ventilators for respiratory insufficiency ISO 80601-2-80:2018

Covers multiple industry standard projects

We provide the Best Devices for snoring,sleep apnea and COPD

Our products help people in more than 100 countries and regions around the world improve their quality of life. We are continuously improving our quality of the products so that the patients can be satisfied. We are continue improving our service capabilities to ensure that the information which patients and caregivers want is accessible.

meet stringent standards
As the medical device industry is regulated globally, the ability to meet stringent standards is critical to ensuring the market acceptance of our products. As a medical device manufacturer, we strictly adhere to country-specific regulations and undergo regular audits.

BMC has contributed to medical care around the world

We are dedicated to the management of respiratory health of people during Covid-19.

BMC actively donated non-invasive ventilators and consumable products to China and abroad.


So happy to get the New Machine

I am extremely happy with 2 upgraded machines ! Fast Delivery! I’m recommending it to all my friends!!!

A Great Machine that Save my sleep
After using 1 month, I came here to write a review. My girlfriend always says that my snoring is so annoying that she can't sleep well. After I use this, this problem is solved and I can also sleep well with this. I really appreciate this machine. It's really helpful.

very satisfied; auto CPAP BMC G3 A20
I received the Auto CPAP BMC G3 A20 yesterday and tested it straight away. The start-up was quite easy, the corresponding descriptions (short and detailed) were very helpful. Sleeping with the CPAP certainly takes some getting used to, but this morning I already had the feeling of being less tired than usual. Accordingly, I have already ordered 2 additional accessories today (BMC SpO2 Kit, BMC Integrated Heated Tubing). I am confident that the delivered device will definitely solve my sleep apnea problem!

Excelente equipo de CPAP
Muy buena presión, mascara sin fugas, muy similar al Resmed ! Asombroso

good machine, very quiet
I have been using this machine for a month. The G2S A20 is performing perfectly

BMC SpO2 Kit for G3 C20
I bought the BMC G3 machine without any accessories, as I wanted to also check my BPM and SP02 levels through the night I bought the accessory, it is very easy to install in the machine and the purchase, transportation and delivery was very good and well informed throughout the whole process

Perfect from order to actually using the machine
Was originally a little worried getting a CPAP delivered from Germany to the UK. But it was hassle free with very fast delivery. Machine is exactly what i ordered. 5 stars