How Often Should You Replace BMC CPAP Supplies?

How Often Should You Replace BMC CPAP Supplies?

After purchasing a CPAP machine, please remember that these CPAP machine parts should be replaced regularly.

CPAP Supplies:

  1. filters
  2. mask
  3. CPAP headgear/Chin straps
  4. CPAP tubes


Why do we need to replace them?

Because they touch our face or have high exposure to moisture and/or pollutants.


Regular replacement of consumables ensures our respiratory health and skin health

The moisture and skin friction on CPAP devices can damage these components and lead to bacteria and mold buildup.

When wearing a CPAP machine for treatment, your skin touches the mask every day, and the mask and headband are like clothes. Also, since the skin contains oil, the mask should be cleaned regularly.

If not cleaned in time, breeding bacteria will touch the face and easily induce skin diseases. And to keep the mask from leaking, people often tighten the headband, which is more likely to make the facial skin red and fragile. Bacteria in the mask can also enter the respiratory tract, inducing disease.

Regular replacement of filter cotton, CPAP tubes, etc. can prevent the growth of bacteria that cause infections.


Periodic replacement of consumables maintains the optimal treatment effect of CPAP

The masks are generally supported by rubber and silicone, and these materials are prone to oxidation when exposed to moisture in the air and oils from the skin. Over time, the mask will become hard and yellow if it oxidizes severely, so the mask will not fit the skin softly and be prone to leakage, making the quality of CPAP much less effective. The CPAP tube will also harden and crack, and leakage will occur.

To ensure the service life and effectiveness of the home CPAP machine, we need to constantly maintain and repair it, in order to keep the comfort of use and maximize its use time and performance.

These consumables of CPAP machines have a service life and need to be replaced at a certain time, otherwise, it will affect the effectiveness of the CPAP machine and our health.


Replacement cycle of BMC CPAP supplies

  1. Replace Filters Every Month

The air filter of the CPAP machine can filter the air, if the air cartridge is too dirty, it will cause dust inside the main body of the CPAP machine, which will increase the wear and tear of the main body, and may also bring dust into the patient's respiratory tract to affect the health of the respiratory system.


 GII&G2S Air filter

Therefore, in order to ensure the filtration effect of the air filter and the service life of the CPAP machine, it is recommended that users clean the air filter once a week, put it in a dry and ventilated place to dry naturally after cleaning, and replace the air filter once a month.


  1. Replace Masks Every 6 Months

CPAP machine mask is the consumable that is most frequently exposed to human skin. So it is generally recommended to be replaced once a half year to a year.

Do you know when it's time for replacement?

If the silicone on the mask is not properly maintained, it will accelerate the yellowing and hardening, which will make it easier to leak air when worn, thus affecting the effectiveness of the CPAP machine treatment. This is when it is time to replace it.

If you are more careful about mask maintenance and clean the mask regularly, then the replacement cycle can be extended.


  1. The headband should be cleaned once a week and replaced if it is not effective

The headband on the mask is recommended to be washed at least once a week, and should even be washed as often as your clothing. Then, put it in a cool, ventilated place for drying.


How to tell when it's time for a new one?

Poor elasticity of the headband and lost stickiness of the velcro will also affect the wearing comfort and therapeutic effect, so if any of these conditions occur, it is recommended to replace it as soon as possible.

In addition, the user should not pull the headband excessively during use, and avoid mixing it with wool and cotton products, in order to prevent the velcro from sticking to the wool fibers and reduce the effectiveness of the headband bonding.


  1. Replace Tube Every 3 Months

The CPAP machine tube is different from the mask, it is not directly exposed to the face, and the air blown out keeps the tube open for a long time. As long as there is no breakage, air leakage and other problems, the pipeline does not need to be replaced.

However, the cleaning and maintenance of the tube are very important, it is recommended to be cleaned once a week and hung vertically to dry, bear in mind that it should not be exposed to the sun. In addition, in the process of pipeline plugging and unplugging, you should press the tube interface, gently rotate it, and do not hold the centre of the tube to plug and unplug.


5. Replace Humidifier Chamber Every 6 Months

A CPAP humidifier can help improve your sleep quality by keeping your nose and throat moist, and preventing you from mouth breathing.

However, the humidifier chamber can develop cracks and discoloration over time due to the buildup of minerals. These cracks can trap bacteria, which may lead to health problems. Inspect the water chamber for any leaks or damage. Replace the water chamber if any damage is present.


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