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Air Pressure Leg Arm Massager Release Edema Varicosity Myophagism Body Slimming Rehabilitation Massaging Medical Device

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Principle of the product: through the multi-chamber airbag has a repeated repeated charge and discharge, the formation of the limb and tissue circulation pressure, the distal limb to the limb of the proximal uniform uniform extrusion.

Product Name:

Air Pressure Massager

Time setting: 0 - 30 minutes

Minimum power: 220V

Power consumption: 80W


Voltage :110, 220V
Product Introduction: For chronic venous disease, venous insufficiency, blood circulation disorders caused by the disease, neuralgia, frozen shoulder, hand, foot numbness, cold, insomnia, stroke sequelae has a mitigation effect. Upper and lower limb lymphedema, complex regional pain syndrome (such as reflex edema, cerebral ischemic post-hemiplegic limb edema), venous stasis ulcers, to prevent deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, limb paralysis (cerebral infarction), limb Spasticity (pain), chronic diseases caused by veins, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle damage caused by exercise, disorders caused by interruption of blood circulation, lifting of hands and feet caused by stress, long bed rest, prevention of muscle atrophy, intermittent claudication.

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