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The difference between BiPAP, CPAP and APAP

CPAP: Continuous positive airway pressure APAP: Automatic positive airway pressure BiPAP: bilevel positive airway pressure, also named BPAP machin...

The therapy of CSA

At present, BiPAP is the best treatment. CSA can also be improved by dealing with the underlying condition. PAP CPAP mode can effectively relieve ...

Types of BiPAP machine modes

In BiPAP machines, a variety of modes are provided to assist patients in breathing. Generally speaking, BiPAP machines can be divided into two typ...

What Is CSA?

CSA: central sleep apnea. It refers that patients have the symptom that breathing repeatedly stops and starts when they are sleeping. During that t...

How To Get A CPAP Machine Without A Sleep Study?

A CPAP machine is a machine used to treat sleep apnea by delivering a stream of air into your airway via a tube or mask. This allows you to breathe...