You Need to Know About PAP Machine Accessories

You Need to Know About PAP Machine Accessories

You Need to Know About PAP Machine Accessories

The replacement of the CPAP is related to your health. With the long-term use of the PAP, the CPAP mask and tubing will also become dirty. Replacing it can help you avoid respiratory diseases, skin irritation and other problems.


A bigger problem is that aging accessories affect the quality of sleep apnea treatment. For example, as masks and tubing age, they are more likely to develop tiny cracks and holes that allow air to leak out. This may prevent you from getting your prescribed air pressure level, reducing the effectiveness of your treatment.


The CPAP accessories mainly include the host, the CPAP pipeline, the CPAP mask, the air filter cotton , and the humidifier. The daily maintenance of these CPAP accessories is related to the effect of using the CPAP .

Although most CPAP have a lifespan, it is best to replace them early if you experience performance issues before the replacement time.


The host of the CPAP :

  1. There is a lot of dust in the flow sensor, the noise after blocking is large, and the bearing friction is large, which can be blown with a blower;


  1. The air filter cotton plays the role of shockproof, heat insulation and sound insulation, and needs to be replaced;


Note: Vibration can easily cause motor failure, so the environment where the CPAP is not in use generally requires a stable and clean environment. It is recommended to carry it with you, not checked.


Start-up requires professionally qualified personnel;


Regularly wipe the exterior of the body with a damp cloth and neutral cleaning solution (no water);


The integrated humidifier is easy to keep water in the motor, and it must be dehydrated before putting it together;


The voltage is unstable and it is easy to burn the machine.

CPAP air tube

The biggest problem with the CPAP is with long-term use, it will form tiny holes, these often form between the coils, which are often difficult to detect unless you look very closely. Damaged tubing can cause air to leak out before it reaches your mask, preventing you from getting the prescribed air pressure needed to prevent sleep apnea.


Another problem with CPAP circuits is bacterial buildup, especially if a humidifier is used. Lines should be cleaned and air-dried daily, but the buildup of impurities can create ideal breeding grounds for bacteria, increasing the risk of disease. If, after thorough cleaning, the line still smells bad and becomes opaque, it should be replaced

  1. Generally 21-22mm, standard pipeline, the service life is up to two years;
  2. Clean it once a week, it is recommended to replace it once a year, use a neutral hand sanitizer (household detergent), dry it in a cool place, do not dry it;
  3. Keep away from high temperature and sharp objects .


CPAP mask :

  1. The mask should be cleaned once every 3-5 days. The silicone on the nose is afraid of direct sunlight and is prone to yellowing. It should be washed with neutral hand sanitizer.
  2. The gray pad has a shaping effect, and it is tight at the bottom and loose at the top, so it is recommended not to wash it in the first month;
  3. Nasal mask for abnormal nose shape;
  4. The gray pad is replaced once a year (usually broken in three months);
  5. Many masks have a nose and mouth, or use a "three-way mouth" if they don't. The mouth type is mainly suitable for craniotomy, nasal surgery users, etc.


CPAP Humidifier

CPAP humidifiers make the air delivered by the CPAP warmer, which can reduce the risk of a sore throat or dry nose. As with other plastic materials, repeated use will cause the humidifier to wear out over time. Users should regularly check for cracks, as they can harbor bacteria and cause water contamination. The buildup of impurities can also cause discoloration and reduce the efficiency of the humidifier. Generally,CPAP humidifiers are replaced every 6 months .

  1. The humidifier can reduce the pressure of theCPAP, it is dry when not in use, the air flow rate is large, the resistance of moist nasal cavity is small, and the pressure will not rise so high;
  2. Separate integrated humidifier and external humidifier ;
  3. The heating host part cannot be washed with water, but the humidification tank can be washed (neutral hand sanitizer);
  4. Distilled water, pure water and direct current water are used in the humidifier . Mineral water, tap water cannot be used. If the water quality is not good, there will be sediments, which are easy to corrode and leak;


The replacement of the CPAP must ensure the integrity of the accessories, and find a regular business to ensure that everything is running normally. Choose BMC Medical, log on to You will get high-quality CPAP products and the best service.


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